OKAY SO last night I was watching that episode of Law and Order Criminal Intent where the young guy keeps robbing pawn shops and shooting happy couples so that he can support his and his mom’s heroin habit. Everytime he is in the pawn shop he keeps saying he’s looking for an engagement ring for his girlfriend… who just so happens to be this smokin hot babe I am posting pictures of. I literally am mesmerized by her facial structure, and she is only going to get sexier with age. She played the heroin addict well, she looked so good with the dark brown hair.

And you know what’s funny, is that last night, after I had a heart attack after I saw her, I looked up the episode title, and found her imdb. Her name looked super familiar, then I realized.. I went through this exact same situation a few years ago, got obsessed with her, then forgot all about her. Then forgot about the episode itself.

I mean

plus shes Jewish.. come on

Friday Jul 13 @ 12:12pm
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